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Thornton Homes are specialists in energy management, home automation, commercial automation, Home Theatre & Sound. Also in the Project Management of all electrical installations & related services. In today’s South Africa, it’s not just the convenience of having almost anything in the home automated that is important, but also the cost savings that can be achieved through effective energy management, but also piece of mind in knowing that your home is properly secured with a top of the range security and CCTV surveillance. It is important that all these features integrate seamlessly and are user friendly

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Thornton Homes procure only the best products available.Which in our opinion currently are Clipsal C-Bus by Schneider Electric automation, Clipsal Multi Room Audio, Paradox Security, Artcoustic & Speakercraft.
All our installers are qualified electricians and fully trained and conversant with the Clipsal C-Bus by Schneider Electric
products and installation standards. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and attention to detail and are proud of our unsurpassed levels of service and competency.


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Thornton Homes & Clipsal C-Bus by Schneider Electric gives you control of your living space, providing you with an intelligent home programmed to enhance your life style. The Home Management products provide the integration platform for lighting control, security, audio visual, heating and air-conditioning, data and video distribution, even your pool, sprinkler system and curtains. The Clipsal C-Bus by Schneider Electric input units cannot be matched by other products , take a look a the Dynamic Labelling Technology (DLT) that enables switches to be labelled according to your requirements. You will always KNOW what each button does!

Mark II black & White touch screen has been introduced which is larger than its predecessor & now includes logic for if/then logic programming that really adds to the automated home, for those on a tighter budget. So you can have all of the logic functionality now without the additional expense of the colour touch screen.


At Thornton group we pride ourselves on leadership and quality. This is why over the past 9 years we have chosen arguably the two best products and aligned ourselves with two leading brands Clipsal Home automation the best there is and Beckhoff Building Management System with open protocol, the best technology available on the market.

Lighting consumes approximately 40% of the energy in a building. Beckhoff Intelligent Building Automation, & Clipsal C-Bus by Schneider Electric, can help you reduce these costs with Lighting Control Solutions that lower installation and operating costs, improve flexibility of space utilization, and increase employee productivity and comfort. This results in an “Intelligent Building” designed to be green & energy efficient.

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The business of climate change :
Going Climate Neutral is a simple, affordable and visible way for businesses to cut their greenhouse emissions. By neutralizing the carbon emissions from the day to day running of your business, your corporate sustainability record will be grounded in real and measurable positive change.

Using carbon calculators and safe online payment systems, your business can easily neutralize the carbon emissions from car and air travel, as well as your office electricity usage. You can also offset single events, such as conferences or meetings that involve significant amounts of travel or power usage.

Businesses who wish also to neutralize their freight, paper use and taxi use should contact accredited carbon audit specialists for a carbon footprint and quote.

We see the integration of green energy as a global move towards a sustainable future. We have been joined by our partner, Global Citizenship, in expanding into the African continent with projects planned for Angola, Nigeria and Ghana.


With the explosion in the use and availability of digital media and global networking it is no longer a luxury for most corporate and progressive companies to have impressive fully equipped digitalized boardrooms with user friendly control interfaces. At Thornton Group we pride ourselves in our level of expertise and attention to detail. Our pride and enjoyment is reflected in each of our installations.

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Thornton Group offers full turnkey audio, visual and automation integration including electrical. With fully qualified, superior artisans and installers we are able to overcome almost all obstacles and challenges particular to our environment. Our areas of specialty and product range speak for themselves. We are the preferred suppliers and installers for Clipsal C Bus Automation, Artcoustic loudspeakers, Polk Audio Loudspeakers, Onkyo HD digital processing equipment and receivers.